Luka had worked all his life but one day, an accident forced him to retire with a spine injury. Soon after, he lost his wife. Within months, his life had been shattered to pieces, he was unable to cope and turned to alcohol.

Eventually, he came to us to seek help. His health improved, he was engaged, helped where he could. But then he reinjured his spinal nerve, leaving him stranded in a little, dilapidated room. We got worried and decided to visit him. It was devastating. Luka was unable to
physically move or prepare food, and he was surrounded by his own excrement and rubbish.

The team was desperate to help, but hospitals refused to take him. Every day, we visited Luka, cared for him and brought food. We worked with his doctor, and liaised with the authorities – we simply could not give up. Eventually, persistence paid off. Luka was admitted to a care home for the elderly, where he now lives safely, cared for, and with

When in need, nobody should be left alone.