At Depaul International, upholding our values and high standards of conduct is integral to our work. We recognise that sometimes our standards and commitments might not be upheld to the standard we expect. If this is the case, we want to be informed.

We recognise and value your feedback and believe that this can help us to improve how we deliver our services to you.

Below is our complaints procedure. You can contact us by email to register a complaint, a concern or comment.

You can

  • Make a complaint if you are dissatisfied with one of our services and want us to put something right.
  • Make a comment if you have an idea, suggestion or observation about one of our services.
  • Make a compliment if we got something right.


Our complaints procedure
Informal resolution

Before starting the process of making a formal complaint, please take the time to discuss your concerns with any member of staff. At this point we will look into the matters that you raise and try to resolve them before starting the formal process. We want the opportunity to put things right for you as soon as possible.


Formal complaints procedure
Stage one

Your complaint will be dealt with immediately by a member of staff and we will contact you with an outcome in writing within seven working days.

Stage two

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint at stage 1, the Depaul International CEO will oversee the investigation of the matters you have raised. They will appoint a colleague who may speak with all parties involved.

This will involve checking our procedures have been followed and reviewing the outcome you received at stage 1. You will be notified of their decision in writing within 10 working days.

Stage three

If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome at stage 1 and stage 2, the Depaul Group CEO will review your complaint in full and check that our procedures have been correctly followed. The Group CEO will also review the outcome you received at stage 1 and 2, and will write to you to inform you of their decision within 10 working days.


Still not satisfied?

If you have received a decision at Stage 3 and are still not satisfied, you can escalate the matter further to an independent body, such as Charity Commission, a Recognised Designated Person, your local MP, or Solicitor. For details of how to contact any of the above organisations or authorities, please speak to any member of staff from Depaul International or email