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Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Institute of Global Homelessness

The Institute of Global Homelessness (IGH) supports an emerging global movement to end street homelessness. As a first step toward achieving this goal, IGH is working with key global strategic partners to eradicate street homelessness in 150 cities around the world by 2030. IGH's vision is that within a generation we will live in a world where everyone has a place to call home – a home that offers security, safety, autonomy, and opportunity.

IGH is the first organization to focus on homelessness as a global phenomenon with an emphasis on those who are living on the street or in emergency shelters. It is a partnership between Depaul International and DePaul University, in Chicago, where the IGH is based.

In February 2018 IGH launched a global homelessness resource hub - IGH Hub - aimed at giving leaders across the world who are working to address homelessness resources to inform and shape their work.

The IGH staff and Advisory Committee work with a broad network of world-class advisors, experts, and organizations - balancing geographies, cultures, and skills. The IGH was founded by Mark McGreevy, Group Chief Executive of Depaul International, who continues to support the Institute's work part-time.

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