Today we launch our Winter Appeal for Ukraine, to raise vital funds for homeless and internally displaced people, both young and old. Those living on the streets face freezing temperatures of -20°C – many develop frostbite and hypothermia, and our frontline staff have even reported desperate stories of people needlessly dying.

Depaul ensures those most in need have somewhere warm to shelter from the severe cold – they can grab a hot meal, a shower and a safe place for the night. We also provide medical services and legal advice to assist with access to state support and permanent accommodation – all helping to fulfil our vision of a society in which everyone has a place to call home and a stake in their community.

The situation is critical. Ukrainians are our European neighbours, yet many people around the world are unaware of the ongoing conflict in the east of the country – resulting in ever increasing numbers of internally displaced people. Demand for our services is growing across the country and we feel compelled to act to prevent a crisis – will you join us? With winter now upon us, and Christmas fast approaching, any support you can offer to those most in need would be truly appreciated by everyone at Depaul.

Please read our Appeal here and click here to find ways to donate.