11 October 2022: The recent blasts across Ukraine have rocked the nation. Our staff and volunteers are safe and well, and we are continuing our work across Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa, delivering vital food, hygiene kits and helping to repair homes.

This morning I spoke to Father Vitaliy today who was in Lviv and had been in touch with the team in cities across Ukraine. He told me:

“We are all ok – we are still here and we have not been injured. But this was shocking  – a psychological trauma for us – it feels like the second wave of the war. I am in Lviv today, and we are without electricity, the electrostation was hit so there are blackouts in the city. In Kyiv, the streets we were walking in, the buildings we went to, the restaurant we ate in, where we met last week to discuss our plans, these kinds of ordinary places were targeted. It is shocking.

When our team heard the sirens go off we managed to get everyone from our shelters to safe places, everyone was ok. But it feels relentless. And frightening. Today we are working again and will keep going. Knowing you are helping us is such a comfort. Thank you again for standing by us.”

To support the work of Depaul Ukraine please take a look at our Depaul Ukraine Winter Appeal, which is supporting thousands of people as they face continued bombardment and a perilous winter.