Depaul International staff members and colleagues from all Depaul charities around the world joined over 100 fellow Vincentian Family members in Rome for a conference on homelessness last week. The attendees came from all six continents, and Depaul staff and trustees participated in leading workshops and delivering speeches and keynote addresses.

The three-day event was organised by the Famvin Homeless Alliance, a Vincentian Family initiative on homelessness managed by Depaul International. The conference’s focus was on collaboration and action. Depaul staff offered advice to other attendees on creating projects for homeless people as well as on fundraising and communications, and committed to further collaborate to deliver more help for homeless people.

The gathering in Rome also saw the launch of the 13 Houses Campaign, which aims to help 10,000 homeless people through providing housing and related projects. All Depaul charities are planning 13 Houses projects – often in collaboration with fellow Vincentian Family members – and Depaul USA shared the opening of its first 13 Houses project in Little Rock to applause at the conference.

In its role managing the FHA, some of Depaul International’s staff work part-time for the Alliance, as well as collaborating with consultants to deliver the initiative. Depaul Group Chief Executive Mark McGreevy is coordinating the FHA.