Depaul International is delighted to announce a new charity partnership with Spacestor, a global company who is a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking. As well as being global leaders in our respective fields we share a common belief of improving the lives of people we work with across the globe.

Spacestor have selected Depaul to be part of its Havens programme, which is an initiative set up for continued support towards those that need it.

Spacestor recently launched Verandas, a kit-of-parts reconfigurable meeting room system, that is inherently sustainable, infinitely flexible and incorporates massive design choice. The influence of Verandas reaches far beyond the workplace. It’s not just a meeting space solution, it’s a way of giving back to the world around us as well as enhancing workspaces. This is because at the heart of everything Spacestor do, is a love for people. Not just for those at work, but for all humankind. So as part of Spacestor’s Havens programme, for every Verandas room that is purchased, a donation will be made to Depaul to help support and accommodate one homeless person through our partnership.

At Depaul International we are so grateful to Spacestor and their clients all over the world who will directly contribute towards the fight against homelessness each time a Verandas configuration is sold.

Jason Eades, Director of Fundraising at Depaul International commented: “Depaul International is delighted to be an official partner of Spacestor. We look forward to working together in our common goal to tackle homelessness in the UK and overseas. Our partnership will help us strive toward our vision of creating a society in which everyone, across the world, has a place to call home and a stake in their community.”

Nick Stedman, VP Marketing at Spacestor commented: “Facilitating and enriching people’s working lives is at the core of Spacestor’s brand. Furthermore, as a global company, we feel that we can expand on this by enriching the lives of others. This is why we have partnered up with Depaul International to tackle homelessness. We believe that everybody deserves the opportunity for a fulfilling future, this is why when you select Verandas not only are you choosing a sustainable, design-led solution, but you’re investing in a greater future for all.”