We are incredibly proud that Depaul International’s work in Ukraine features on the BBC Radio 4 Appeal. The Appeal is read by our long-standing trustee Dame Louise Casey, the former UK homelessness czar and leading social policy reformer.

The appeal was broadcast on Radio 4 on Sunday 21 October and again on Thursday 25 October. You can listen now on catch up. Please note donations via the BBC website have now closed: you can donate through our website.

Hear Lina’s Story

Our Appeal tells Lina’s story. Lina’s husband was killed in the conflict in east Ukraine, which is still raging. Just 22 years old, she had to flee for her life, clutching her baby son, Sasha.

Lina ended up in Kharkiv, homeless. The streets are a dangerous place for a young single mother and child at any time – but in winter, temperatures plunge to -20C at night. The streets become a death sentence.

That’s where Depaul came in. We rescued Lina, offering her a safe place at our supported home for single mothers and babies. Lina stayed with us for a year, receiving intensive one-on-one support so she could rebuild her life after such trauma. We secured her a job, and she’s now living independently in her own home, in the local community. Her life has started to turn around – she’s even found a new partner, Ivan.

Lina’s is just one of many stories of homelessness in Ukraine. But, sadly, many do not end as positively. We rely on your generosity to help the thousands of homeless people across Ukraine in desperate need of our support, many still fleeing the ongoing conflict in the east.

In a country where there is immense poverty and a chronic lack of support for those on the street, your donation can change a homeless person’s life, even save their life.