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Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Transparency policies

Depaul International believes in transparency and accountability. We know trust is really important in inspiring people to support the work that we do providing services to some of the most marginalised people in our society. We are committed to explaining to donors and others interested in our work how we use the funds entrusted to us.

The Depaul organisation consists of eight charities working to respond to the needs of homeless people around the world. Depaul International is the parent company and there are subsidiaries active across the world.

Since being established in 1989, the Depaul group of charities has received statutory and voluntary funding to deliver services to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in all the countries in which we work. Our services are operated primarily by our professionally trained and caring staff. In addition, we have over 1,000 unpaid volunteers giving thousands of hours annually working in our services. We are able to achieve so much more due to their support and commitment.

Depaul International's voluntary Board of Trustees includes people with a range of skills and expertise in the commercial and voluntary sectors. The Board ensures that the Depaul Group is fully compliant with all relevant regulation and works towards high standards and best practice in managing services for disadvantaged people and in our organisational life.

For every £1 received by the Depaul Group, over 90% goes directly towards charitable activities supporting the people in our services (as defined by the Charity Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) - the full accounts are available to download at the foot of the Governance page on this website). In addition to our front-line staff and volunteers, Depaul International has a small central team that supports services through maintaining quality standards, financial control and good corporate governance. All staff across the group share the organisation's strong commitment to helping the disadvantaged through services based strongly on our values.

We aim to use the funds we receive as prudently as possible. We do not, nor can we afford to, pay the equivalent of public sector pay scales for any grade.

As Chief Executive of Depaul International, Mark McGreevy's salary falls in the range £80,000-£90,000. Salary levels for senior staff are decided by a committee appointed by our Board, in line with our values and the needs of the organisation. We make every effort to avoid paying higher salaries than are necessary: we aim to provide salaries at rates that are the same as or below the median of other similar sized charitable organisations in this field.

At Depaul International there are no salary top ups or bonus payments, and no other perks or entitlements such as company cars. There is a basic defined contribution pension scheme available to all permanent staff with a maximum employer contribution of 5%.

If you are interested in 'How we decide how much to pay our staff?' or our 'Group Remuneration and Reward Principles' please contact us.


Depaul International is committed to ensuring our services and the ways we work together reflect good practice. As part of our commitment to accountability, we set standards for ourselves and regularly review our progress and set further targets.

Financial standards 

Depaul International has developed a strong set of financial policies and standards and ensures that all organisations in the Depaul Group can meet these. Minimum standards include financial controls policy, expenses policy, procurement policy and procedures for financial accounting and audit. Each year, additional standards and policy areas are developed and implemented, covering areas such as fraud, investment, reserves and management of restricted funds.

Governance standards

Depaul International has adopted a set of standards for governance, and expects all the organisations in the Depaul Group to audit their compliance with these standards, indicating evidence of how this happens, and identifying where improvements are needed. The Depaul International Board ensures that actions from audits are followed through.

In addition, Depaul International has governance policies on whistle-blowing and conflicts of interest, and a strong risk management process with annual reviews and action schedules.

Operational standards

Depaul subsidiary organisations work in a range of different contexts, and where statutory funding is used, requirements relating to service delivery vary. Although it is not practical to require particular standards related to operational delivery, the Depaul Group enables and promotes exchange and learning related to areas such as service audit, service user engagement, service delivery models and tools and processes for measuring outcomes.

For more information about the policies, tools and standards used in the Depaul Group, please contact us.

Value for money

Periodically, Depaul examines aspects of our financial practice to ensure best practice according to our values.

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