If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Run for Heroes is a perfect example; the charity campaign raised more than £7 million and mobilised over 1 million individuals during the first lockdown last year. The simple premise of ‘Run 5, Donate 5, Nominate 5’ proved to be a huge success.

After the success of the original fundraiser in 2020, the nation is once again being encouraged to get active in the name of charity, as lockdown restrictions continue to ease. The 2021 challenge turns the month of May into a celebration of physical activity with the 5KMay campaign.

Everyone is invited to take part, and this year you can do so to raise funds for Depaul International and help us in our vision which everyone across the world, has a place to call home and a stake in their community.

As the name suggests, it is all about getting fit and hitting that 5km target. It is not just about running though – you could walk, roll, skip or even swim your 5 kilometres if you wish! You can do it all at once, or split it up over the course of the month. All that matters is getting your body moving and raising crucial funds for Depaul International.

You can take part on your own or as a group. All you need to do is complete your chosen 5k, donate your £5 HERE, and then nominate 5 friends or family members to complete their own 5km challenge.

In these uncertain times your health and safety is our top priority, so it is important when taking on the challenge to ensure you follow current COVID rules and NHS guidelines.

Who will you be helping?


All funds raised will support individuals or families like Melezhik, caught in the spiral of homelessness to move towards more positive futures.

After Melezhik’s relationship with his family broke down, he found himself living on the streets for this first time. He travelled to Russia in search of work but was deported after staying a few days longer than he was allowed. Finding himself in Kharkiv, he was forced to survive in an unfamiliar city. To cope, Melezhik turned to alcohol.

A friend he met on the streets told Melezhik about Depaul Ukraine’s outreach work. After going to pick up a hot meal, he told staff his story and they directed him to their shelter. Here, Melezhik was provided with a warm shower, food, clothing and personal hygiene items.

Having a safe place to sleep at night has enabled Melezhik to focus on finding work and living his life without alcohol. Melezhik said: “The workers of Depaul Ukraine saved me, gave me the opportunity to start a new life. I have the opportunity to be in a house, where it is always warm and cosy, to make plans for the future and again feel like a human being. I am very grateful to Depaul Ukraine that they help people and do not let them disappear into oblivion.”

We would be so grateful if you took on the 5KMAY challenge. It would be so exciting to see you all participating, so do not forget to tag us on Facebook or Twitter with images of you taking on the challenge. Good luck and thank you!